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Hong Chou
CTO - GeoSpatial Technologies
(714) 861-7033 -

In a fast-paced world where changes in technology are the norm, GeoSpatial Technologies® Inc. (GST) remains a stable and innovative R&D powerhouse, that develops location-based technologies, incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS, and wireless communications for the First Responders, Public Safety, Transportation, and Fleet Management Industries.

Visit GST at the LEIU 20/20
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Crystal English

Behind the success of any program you will find people who make personal sacrifices to make a difference in other people lives. Crystal English is one such person. Since 2012 Crystal has given of her time and generous financial support to make a positive impact on the 20/20. We thank her for all that she does.

Crystal English is a CA-DOJ Certified Crime and Intelligence Analyst and is currently a GIScience student and teaching associate in the Joint Doctoral Program at San Diego State University and University of California-Santa Barbara. Her article on the place-based distribution of property crime in Atlanta was published in The Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers.
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Michael Berndl
Law Enforcement Liaison
(916) 276-8193 -

Formerly of the California Highway Patrol, and having worked in the California State Threat Assessment Center, Mike has worked on many cases using GeoTime, and understands the versatility of the tool, especially in joint intelligence and fusion centers.

Visit GeoTime at LEIU 20/20:
See how easy it is to format, analyze, map and create a courtroom presentation. Discover for yourself why so many law enforcement agencies use GeoTime. Learn from specific cases that have used GeoTime, and bring your own call record data for a private demonstration and analysis on-site!
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Howie Thompson | Executive VP Sales
Media Sonar Technologies Inc.
(855) 898-4044 x 407 -  

Media Sonar is a leading social media intelligence solution that allows you to discover and analyze location-based and non-geo social media data for efficient and actionable intelligence.

Media Sonar’s flexible and easy-to-use platform is unsurpassed in terms of usability. There is no hardware to set up, no software to download or drivers to update and maintain. Our intuitive design means spending less time learning how to use the platform and more time generating results.