Deputy Chief Michael Downing - LAPD
MLA Sonya Grayson - LAPD
Sue R. Bauer ED.D - LASD
Chris Njunge - Claremont College
Brian Gray - (LEIU)
Robert A. Bjork - UCLA - Research Professor
Captain Dick Wright - LAPD, Simi Valley PD (Ret)
Crystal English - SDSU, Dept. Of Geography
Director Wendy Harn - LASD
SME Brian Heidt - Xpect Software
Sgt. Brian Hospodar - LAPD
Lt. Stephan Margolis - LAPD
Ken Osborne - The CIA Institute
Paula A. Sassi - Certified Master Graphologist
Usha Sutliff - Program Manager
Chief Deputy Randy Throne - RSD (Ret)
Senior Inv. Glenn McGovern - Santa Clara D.A.
Joanna Mendelson - Anti-Defamation League
As. Fire Chief Vaughan Miller - Ventura County Fire Dept.
Sgt. Renee J. Mitchell - Sacramento PD
Convergent Threats In The 21st Century
Beyond 20/20 Visionaries / Creators of Change
Captivate Your Audience: Science or Art?
Glue: The Stuff That Holds Teams Together
LEIU 20/20 - Law Enforcement Training
Making Things Hard On Yourself
The History OF LEIU
How Advances In GIS Can Help Reduce Crime
Innovating Crime Analysis
Observations As An Intel Supervisor / Analyst
Protecting, Serving And "Ethicking"
Changing The Decision-Making Culture
The Liar’s Vocabulary
Detecting Lies And Predicting Behavior Through Handwriting Analysis
Policing In The Era Of Transnational Threats
How Do You Know What You Know? Information Filtering
Vulnerability & The Justice Community
Domestic Terrorism
Why It Won’t Work?
When The Facts Change, I Change My Mind

Sheriff Lee Baca - LASD
Deputy Chief Steve Clark - Santa Cruz PD
Captain Dick Wright - LAPD, Simi Valley PD (Ret)
Sgt. Roy Bethge
Det. Willy Sera - LAPD / NLPOA
S.A. Bob Doughtery - CIA (Ret)
Lt Robert Fowler - Garden Grove PD
Stan Walters - The Lie Guy
Anne Walton - Analysts Compass
Ebrahim Ashabi - Beverly Hills PD
S.A. Val R. Jimenez - San Diego Bureau Of Investigations
MLA Sonya Grayson - LAPD
Chris Njunge - Claremont College
Brian Gray - (LEIU)
Fire Captain Brent Faulkner - OCIAC
Sgt. Brian Hospodar - LAPD
Matthew Miller - SD - LECC
Det. Bonnie Breeze: Tustin PD
Officer Michael Hearns - Coral Gables Florida PD
Det. Timothy Harrington - NYPD (Ret)
Education Based Incarceration
Predictive Policing
The History Of LEIU
Leadership & Change For The Future
Utilizing Other Department Resources
The Iranian Threat In Southern California
Flawed Interviews, Inconsistent DeBriefings: Impaired Intelligence
20% Time
The Middle East Hullabaloo
Law Enforcement Issues With Mexico
Are You Biometrically Uninhibited?
Shared Goals, Energy & Purpose
Fear & Inaction
Employee Empowered School Safety Plans Assessments
Dirty Words
Red Teaming For Fusion Centers
How Would Your Agency Respond?
Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, Or Does It?
Cultural Acuity, Shrinking The Operational Space

Captain Dick Wright - LAPD, Simi Valley PD (Ret)
Det. Damian Jackson - Escondido PD
Det. Charles Dempsey - LAPD
Officer Stinson Brown: LAPD
MLA Sonya Grayson - LAPD
Matthew Miller - San Diego LECC, ILO Program Manager
David Brannan - Naval Postgraduate School
Lt. Stephan Margolis - LAPD
CA Supv. Lisa Morissette - LASD
Greg McMullen - Long Beach PD
CIA Christine Roark - Riverside SD
Det. Jose Rosales - CSUF PD
Lynn Edgington - Eagle Research Associates
Chris Njunge - Claremont College
Richard Monarrez - Coast Guard
Brian Gray - (LEIU)
Det. Jeff Udvarhelyi - Escondido PD
Jarod Stockdale - Physical Security Council
Chaplain Christopher Codrington - LASD
Brian Clark,Barron Parsons and Daniel Lodevico - DEA
The History Of LEIU
Taking Our Careers Outside The Box
Why I Became A Police Officer 
The Law Of Forgiveness
The Next Level
Fusion Center Public-Private Sector Partnerships
Sustainable Analysis In The Current Environment
Transnational Organized Crime
Why Dashboards?
The State of Domestic and International Fraud Activities
Passion - Do You Have It?
Providing Customer Service
Ponzi Schemes and Scams
Writing On The Floor
Maritime Smuggling
A Closer Look At The Intelligence Cycle
Becoming A Skillful Sailor
Leveraging Private Resources for Public Programs
The Role Of The Sheriff’s Clergy In The Community
Money Laundering Through The Music Industry

Captain Dick Wright - LAPD (Ret)
Brian Gray - Riverside Sheriff's Dept.
Jessica Bogner -
Lynn Edgington - Eagle Research Associates
Dr. Jeffrey Phillips-
Crystal English -
Terry Anderson -
Lt. John Black -Washington County Sheriff's
Ashli Douglas - FBI
Corporal Jose Rosales - CSUF PD
Dr. Akshay Pottathil - Director CICS
Matthew Miller - San Diego LECC
Lt. Stephan Margolis - LAPD
Dan Willis - La Mesa PD (Ret)
Curtis Jones - CEO
Chief Aaron Kustermann - Illinois State Police
Chris Njunge - Claremont University
Nancy Aguirre - Riverside Sheriff's Department
Tricia Duffy - Senior Living Consultant
Chris Codrington - LASD
The History Of LEIU
The Intelligence Cycle - Revisited
Protecting Integrity When Facing Negative Media
How High Is Up? 1 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme
Using Performance Audit to Measure Risk
GeoSpatial Visualization
Future of Leadership is Here Now
Learning To Love The Question
Child Abduction
Obtaining Success in Law Enforcement
Behavior Analysis / Intelligence Tools
Emerging Threats in a Complex World
Decision in the National Conversation
Bullet Proof Spirit / Emotional Wellness Strategies
Challenges in Protecting Places of Worship
New Tools and Topics in Intel Investigations
Outside Looking In
A Second Look at Human Trafficking
First Responders and The Aging Population
Make Us Safe Again

Van Godsey - Missouri State Highway Patrol - LEIU
John Donchig - Monrovia Police Department
Egypt Mckee - Slingshot People, LLC
Lynn Edgington - Eagle Research Associates
Charles Wesley Kim - Yelman & Associates
Lt. Stephan Margolis - LAPD
Ashli Douglas - FBI
Dan Willis - La Mesa PD (Ret)
Brian Stefan - Setec Technologies
Ebrahim Ashabi - Beverly Hills PD
Summer Battle - FBI
Chris Njunge - Claremont College
Sgt. Tomas Daytro - LAPD
Dean Baratta - DHS
Brian Shiers - UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Sgt. Brian Hospodar - LAPD
Michael Berndl - CHP (Ret)
Chief Laura Farinella - Laguna Beach PD
Lt. Travis Martinez - Redlands PD
Chris Adamczyk - Mesa PD (AZ)
The History Of LEIU
False Positive Cognition Errors in Police Shootings
What happens in Vegas gets posted on YouTube
Developing Trends in Financial Cyber Crime
The Big Bang -Weaponization of Police Robots
Cascading Decisions
Child Abduction
Bullet Proof Spirit - Wellness & Emotional Survival
Suicide: What Law Enforcement & First Responders Should Know
ISIS & Law Enforcement
Victim Identification
Glue Revisited
Police Performance
Selecting The Right Candidates as Your Analysts
Inner Situational Awareness
Tribal Mentality
Increasing Your Value - The Private Sector to You
Leadership & Career Success Traits
Solving Crime Using Specialized GPS Technology
Social Media Intelligence

Egypt Mckee - Slingshot People, LLC
Lynn Edgington - Eagle Research Associates
Lt. Stephan Margolis - LAPD
Brian Stefan - Setec Technologies
Officer Ebrahim Ashabi - Beverly Hills PD
Chris Njunge - Claremont College
Sgt. Tomas Daytro - LAPD
Intelligence Officer Chris Adamczyk - Mesa PD (AZ)
CEO Opal Singleton - Million Kids
Brian Gray - LEIU / RSO
Officer Curtis Davis - LAPD
Bob Brasich - Internet Investigators
Commander Cameron Knauerhaze - Westminister PD
Corporal Jessie Blanpied - CSUF Police
Detective Jason Forgash - La Habra PD
Michael Streed - SketchCop Solutions, LLC
Officer Adam Deckel - LAPD
Pernitha Tinsley - Author
Chief Intelligence Officer Aaron Kustermann
Van Godsey - Missouri State Highway Patrol
At Risk, Law Enforcement, and the Next Generation
Fake Crypto-Currencies / Telemarketing Scams
The Next Step In Decisions: Science vs. Art
Empathy in Crisis Response
Female Suicide Bombers
Learning About Learning
Forget Outputs / Time To Measure Outcomes
#Crisis - Using Social Media As A Response Tool
Technology - The Driving Force in Human Exploitation
Thoughts on 3 Complicated Issues
Silo Breaking: Intelligence Leadership
Breaking Through The Facebook Search Bubble
Bedside Manner In Policing - The Power Of Empathy
Active Shooter Equipment / Tactics / Thought Process
Interrogating Children
Real-Time Face ID Solutions
Paramilitary Police Academies
Child Abuse
Our Creative Process
History of Intelligence